We did it! Wanderher graduates from The Founder Institute

Close to a year ago, I started thinking about developing a platform to connect solo female travelers around the world. I'd seen some alternatives in the market, but nothing quite like what I wanted to do. I sat with this feeling for a few months, until I decided to do something about it. I'd been to some of the Founder Institute events in my city and decided to apply for the October 2017 cohort - and the rest is history.

I started the program on October 3rd, and my life turned into an intense rollercoaster ride of weekly 30 hour long assignments and pitches that had to be delivered in front of our entire class to a board of mentors who had to rate us from 1-5 (but were not allowed to give us a 3). I froze during my pitch on my second week, and literally walked away from it. Thankfully I was given the chance to come back and do it a second time over. 

We started at 17 people, and 8 of us graduated 14 weeks later. Our graduation took place last week with cake, champagne and of course, more pitching! I have to admit I felt proud of myself - working full time and going through a startup accelerator program on the side with an intense curriculum to stick to was NOT easy. However, I learned a ton about starting a business, and most of all, about discipline and not giving up. I attended a bunch of networking events and met a lot of inspiring people along the way, and am hoping to continue to build those relationships.

So what's next for Wanderher? As far as I'm concerned, this is only the beginning! I'm hoping to have my Cofounder working alongside me soon - and getting started on building some of the awesome features women have told me they wanted. I know I have a long journey ahead, but great things in life never come easy.

Stay tuned for more updates!