So you went on this amazing solo travel experience and want to tell your story to everyone who will listen. Are you just getting started with your own blog and need a platform? Or maybe you just want to inspire other women who have the same mindset and passion for travel as you? We can help!

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of our Wanderher platform, we are starting our guest blog post series, “How did she do it?”

As we build our community of fierce and independent women who love exploring the world solo, we want to help connect solo female travelers to others who have gone before them—whether that is world travel or exploring in general. We are looking for anything from a short vacation, prolonged trip, or moving to a new city by yourself. Your story may help someone else who is itching to travel alone but doesn’t know where to start!

Each few weeks, we will feature a new guest post for “How did she do it?” The post will be shared across all of our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as our newsletter. Your post may also be boosted to reach more like minded women!

We will include links to your social media handles and blog (if you have one). Submitting a photo from your travels to go with your story is highly encouraged.

Our founder, Fernanda, has great things to share about her passion for solo travel! Check it out here, and then submit your story to

More about us:

Wanderher is an up and coming community platform to help solo female travelers find and connect with each other during and before their journey. Users will also get support when they need it most. Our mission is to make solo travel safer for women, while empowering them to explore the world.