Meet The Team


fernanda silveira

Founder & CEO

Fernanda brings a diverse set of skills, having worked in Sales, Event Planning and Marketing - and having lived in 4 countries and traveled to 30+! Her passion for travel and adventure, combined with a deep appreciation for culture, diversity and female empowerment, propelled her to build Wanderher - so that women would feel encouraged to explore the world solo, knowing there is a community they can lean on and connect with through every step of their journey. 

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Co-Founder & CTO

Katerina is a builder at heart. Five years ago, she made the leap from chemical engineering to software engineering - and has been helping San Francisco startups develop cutting edge technology ever since. She is passionate about developing great teams to work on creative projects. She also loves to travel, and has a deep passion for women’s equality and empowering women to follow their dreams.



Social Media Manager

Eugenie has a strong background in writing, marketing and social media. She combines these skills with her passion for travel to create engaging content for our fellow Wanderhers. She believes that a woman's happiness comes from within and that travel is one of the best ways to get to know oneself.


galya westler

Product Advisor

Galya is a product visionary, and has been successfully managing, living and breathing products for web, mobile and social apps for more than 9 years. Her knowledge of entrepreneurship, product management and community mobile apps makes her a great advisor for Wanderher, with constant recommendations for innovative features and ways to make our community more engaged. Being a solo traveler herself, she understands the joys and struggles of every Wanderher out there - and feels passionate about making travel better and safer for women.


ashley van herten

Customer Advisor

Ashley is a Senior Market Insights Researcher with a deep passion for technology - and all the possibilities it brings! Her superpower is a combination of empathy and strategy, which she uses to uncover the true needs of our users and inform how we can make Wanderher a community that every solo female traveler wants to be a part of. She is a natural collaborator and great public speaker - and has a desire to help give women a voice and medium to share their stories and all the ways in which travel has impacted them. 



Wanderher was founded in 2017 to help solo female travelers find and connect with each other during and before their journey to explore together, share recommendations and get support when they need it most. Join our community and be a part of the movement!